Sunday, October 23, 2005

belated progress post

Hi, sorry it's been a while since I last said I'd post some progress photos. I think it's taking me a long time because I'm subbing the yarn and I always need to do math to make sure I'm making the right size. Anyway, here are my front and back, which have been done for a while. I'm up to the sleevecap on my first sleeve.

I really like the texture of Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK, here's a closeup. But I'm guessing the drape is pretty different from Kid Classic so I'm looking forward to what it'll look like in the finished sweather.


At 9:39 am, Blogger aurora said...

Wow, I love the colour! I've done the back now, and part of the front...and I think I'll be fluffier than the Rowan. Ah well!

At 5:44 pm, Blogger Kira said...

Fantastic colour....!

At 2:23 pm, Blogger Iris said...

What a wonderful colour! Can't wait to see this one finished.


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