Thursday, January 12, 2006

All finished!

It has taken me some time because of Christmas obligations, but I have now finished my Greek Pullover!

I knitted the sleeves at the same time, and sewing up was very speedy!

    I decided not to add the frilly extras at the moment for a few of the following reasons:

  1. Because I want to get on with my next exciting projects!

  2. Because I don't want to have to go shopping around for the right colour of chiffon

  3. Because I quite like the Pullover as it is

  4. Because I know that on me slightly frayed bits of chiffon at my cuffs will end up very frayed and filthy!>

I have worn this already and am actually wearing it as I am writing this!

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At 2:18 pm, Blogger Iris said...

Hey, it looks fantastic! Love your choice of colour, and I agree, it doesn't need the ruffles at all (I decided not to have them on mine either, in the end...).

Great job! :-)

At 9:44 pm, Blogger aurora said...

That's gorgeous!

Mine has been sitting in the WIP pile over summer - I picked it up again yesterday. I hope it looks as good as yours :-)


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